• Tara Humphrey

Word of Year Challenge

Word of Year 

Some of you may be aware of the concept of having a word of the year which involves choosing a word that will encourage you to do something different, remind you of what you do well, push you out of your comfort zone or serve as a reminder to be more positive or more intentional with your words and actions. 

It can be something you choose to keep to yourself or you can shout it from the roof tops. 

We have chosen 2 words of the year at THC with the 1st one being Visibility. I want this year to be about getting out from behind my computer, raising the visibility of CEPNs and sharing more of my expertise to help you progress your workforce and business development activities.

I started this intention in December where I set myself the challenge to blog daily and I managed to complete 15 entries instead of my usual 1 per week. 

(Knowing how busy you all are, the aim of my blogs are to provide some quick top tips that you can action straight away or to give you some insight into the life as project manager.)

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Our 2nd word of the year is Mastery as I really want to hone both my project management and leadership skills and deepen my understanding of primary care. So, starting as I mean to go on, this month I have increased my participation on the  Source 4 Network, which is a platform run by the NHS Sustainable Improvement Team to support current and aspiring network leaders to accelerate the impact and value of their networks activity. 

I have also attended The NHS GPFV Accelerated Design Event which was excellent. The event was inspirational, motivating, informative and full of amazing people with a real passion for primary care. 

It’s scary putting yourself out there more but I am determined to stick with it, so expect to see more of me 😊 in the forthcoming year 

What’s your word of the Year going be? 

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