What Does a PCN Manager Do?
Free Webinar: Thursday 3rd March, 12-1pm

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In this webinar, Tara Humphrey and Hannah Nurrish discuss the role of the PCN Manager, sharing their own experiences, strategies and ideas for network success.

How is the role evolving?
What does effective PCN Management look like?

What are the core pillars of a PCN Manager?

How to develop the role for network success.

PCN Manager induction and retention strategies.

This webinar was inspired by the popularity and feedback from our recent blog:

'What Does a PCN Manager: And How the Role is Evolving'

Read the blog and access the PCN Manager Role Matrix here.
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Thursday 3rd March 2021
12pm - 1pm
Online Webinar
Free to register

As an interim PCN Manager, and having supported 19 PCNs to-date, 3 GP Federations, and leading 11 Training Hubs, Tara will draw on and share with you, real-life practice examples and approaches to help improve your personal and PCN performance.

Your role as a PCN Manager is unique and diverse. It can be challenging and even frustrating, navigating multiple organisations, opinions, and ideas. However, with the right understanding, knowledge of support that's there and clear direction, it can be the most rewarding of roles!

Alongside Tara, Hannah Nurrish, PCN Deputy Chief Operating Officer will discuss and share:


  • Their own experiences, successes and how they see the role developing.

  • The core pillars that a PCN Manager is required to develop and manage.

  • How to develop your skills and leadership.

  • Strategies for PCN Managers and CDs for the effective onboarding and retention of a PCN Manager.

  • Practical ideas and resources to help.

This webinar will offer value for;

  • PCN Managers

  • PCN Clinical Directors

  • PCN Clinical Leads

  • PCN Workforce Leads

  • HR Managers

This webinar is free to attend. There will be a Q&A session also if you have a burning question. If you'd like to keep your question private please email your question ahead of the webinar to admin@thcprimarycare.co.uk

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A Primary Care Network Manager's role is to help the PCN evolve and execute the vision of the network. It's a really unique role that continues to evolve.

Launching 28th February

Our highly rated PCN Managers Accelerator Programme is going ONLINE.


We have worked really hard to adapt the course to an online format so that you can:

  • Access immediately.

  • Work at your own pace.

  • Access the content on demand for a year!