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If you are not a Primary Care Network, these are the ways you can work with THC Primary Care

Work with us

Are you a private organisation looking for ways in which you can work with us here at THC Primary Care?


Blog Sponsorship

If you are looking to promote your services to Primary Care Networks and do not require any consultancy support, details on blog sponsorship below will be your best avenue, let's take a look.


If you are looking to better understand how your organisation can work with Primary Care Networks, we have first hand experience in working with 120 PCNs and can help you to better understand the challenges networks face.


This is your opportunity to pick Tara's brain covering financial streams, decision making, understanding your organisation's USP and how to position this with Primary Care Networks. 


Blog Sponsorship

If your product or services can support Primary Care Networks to enhance the running of their networks, we would love to hear from you.


Through sponsorship, we will get to know your product service, the team behind it, and your organisation will gain exposure to your ideal clients.

Our blog is key to communicating with our audience. We have on average 7,000 visitors to our blog each month, it's where we share best practice and lessons learnt, and provide our practical take on the NHSE guidance. 

Through our consistent sharing, people have learnt to trust us and keep on coming back. 

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