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At THC Primary Care, our infinite purpose is to influence and support positive change in the field of healthcare.

We do this by;

1. Creating services and resources to improve the delivery of projects, networks, and overall business performance, saving you time and stress.

2. Providing opportunities to inspire and practically support professionals from ethnically diverse backgrounds to progress their leadership careers.

3. Connecting with leaders to share their lessons learned to help you achieve the success you are striving for. 

Our infinite purpose extends beyond our business. Striving for positive change is our way of life. 


1.      We are committed to lifelong learning.

2.      We believe work should be fun.

3.      We will only take on clients where we can truly add value and make a positive difference. 

4.      We strive to deliver great work, proactively building on our knowledge and

testing different approaches.

5.      We do not pretend to know everything, our best results come when we work collaboratively We know that in order to make a change stick, we will not

do the work for you, we will do the work with you. 

6.      We do not use fancy corporate speak or complex project management tools.  

It’s just not us! 

7.      If something isn’t working, we will tell you.  We will provide honest advice in a

professional and constructive way.

8.      We will stay in close communication with you and we aren’t afraid to ask questions.

9.      We are flexible and are here to meet your needs, things may change and that’s OK. 

10.  We will take some time to develop the best course of action which is right for you.

11.  We will not outstay our welcome. When the project ends, we will do all we can to put systems in place to support your initiative to thrive without us.


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Thank you for organising my thoughts. I'm so glad I found you".


Kat Dalby-Welsh

Yeovil Primary Care Network Clinical Director 



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