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Blog Sponsorship

Our goal at THC is to be the number 1 resource that supports the leadership and management of Primary Care Networks.

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How blog sponsorship can work for you 

Over the past 4 years, we have invested in consistently creating free practical resources that supports the leadership and management of Primary Care Networks through our blog.


Today, our blog attracts, on average 7,000 views a month with primary care leaders looking for practical advice and tools to help them with the running of their networks.

If your product or services can support Primary Care Networks to enhance the running of their networks, we would love to hear from you.


Through sponsorship, we will get to know your product service, the team behind it, and your organisation will gain exposure to your ideal clients.

Our blog is key to communicating with our audience. It's where we share best practice and lessons learnt and provide our practical take on the NHSE guidance. 

Through our consistent sharing, people have learnt to trust us and keep on coming back. 

THC Primary Care Blog

Prices start from £2,500 + VAT for 12 months

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Partnering with THC primary care has been a real joy. We have been able to work on ideas and innovation to support primary care and share best practice. 

The natural and organic way in which THC approached our collaboration has been really nice and is based on promoting quality and shared values. We have found our partnership so helpful in getting our message out into the wider primary care world.

Phin Robinson MCSP

Founder & Director at Pure Physiotherapy Ltd

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  • When does the course start?
    PCN Plus launched on the 11th May 2023. The course is being delivered over six months, teaching a subject/module each month in a live session. Registration is now closed.
  • How much experience is required to start the course?
    PCN Plus has been created for experienced PCN leaders and Clinical Directors. The course is a leadership programme specifically related to the unique format, challenges and opportunities that come from leading within a PCN.
  • Who is delivering the course?
    - Experienced PCN Manager Tara Humphrey and host of the Business of Healthcare Podcast - Experienced PCN Clinical Director Dr Hussain Gandhi - Experienced GP Partner Dr Andrew Foster - Former NHS Chief Executive Ben Gowland and host of the General Practice Podcast Together they have a proven track record in leading general practices, primary care services and PCN Networks. Combining their expertise, to bring you PCN Plus, a leadership programme that speaks to the heart of the challenges and opportunities you will face as a PCN leader.
  • How is the course delivered?
    PCN Plus will be delivered by a live 2-hour teaching and learning session each month over the course of six months. As well as the live monthly sessions participants will receive a range of additional resources, information and useful materials, as well as access to an exclusive membership community only for programme participants.
  • How much is the course and how do I apply?
    The course is £3,000 + VAT per person. Registration is currently closed but do keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our newsletter for any updates on new cohorts

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