Have a vision for your PCN but have little time to implement it?

Need more time to focus on leadership?

Want to be freed up from the operational side of running your PCN that you know less about?

My PCN Support is perfect for you and will help you develop and lead your PCN.

Practical hands-on management,

working alongside you and your leadership team to:

- Create and implement your workforce and development plans.

- Set up systems and processes (e.g. reporting, financial management, communications, recruitment).

- Manage network-wide contracts.

- Facilitate network meetings

- Line manage network staff 

- Foster network and stakeholder engagement

We are perfect for you if you are struggling to recruit and need someone who can hit the ground running until the time is right for you to hire your permanent PCN Manager. We will even help you replace us! 

We have been sitting on the launch pad and you were the rocket fuel we needed to get us going.

Dr Altaf Baloch
Co-Clinical Director - Cranbrook Primary Care Network

Tara has revolutionised our delivery and functioning as a Primary Care Network. She is focused and driven, and has brought incredible energy. Her innovative and strategic thinking have been a massive boost, combined with being entirely solution focussed outlook, Tara has catalysed transformational changed and really enabled us to deliver.

Tara is adept at managing complex problems and delivering solutions that are clear and well considered.

Tara joined our team that already had years of experience in working together, yet immediately fitted in. It was as if she had always been a part of the team. Her opinion is trusted, and her views always valued by everyone.

Working with Tara has been fantastic and a huge breath of very welcomed ‘fresh air’. 

Dr Dan Bunstone 

Clinical Director - Warrington Innovation Network 

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With the experience and expertise of leading 11 Training Hubs, supporting 19 Primary Care Networks and 3 GP Federations, I understand and appreciate the complexity of healthcare and what it takes to deliver projects at scale.

I also have knowledge of the following services:

The day-to-day management of Primary Care Networks, Flu, Childhood Immunisations, Recruiting for the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS), Frailty, Care Navigation, Proactive Care at Home, Covid Hot Hubs, Workflow Optimisation and Integrated Referral Management.

By working with me, I will release you from management and administration, giving you more time to lead your network.

Find out how - book a call with me today.

Whenever I have a problem I pick up the phone and say 'HELP!' And you sort things out. That's what you do.

Dr Jas Chana

Co-Clinical Director - Cranbrook Primary Care Network