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Introducing the Primary Care Network Members' Club

Saving you time, providing practical support and resources and enhancing the leadership and management of your primary care network

Would you like to receive:

Expert analysis of the primary care network guidance to help save you time?

Tailored salary calculators so you understand if you are within or over the PCN reimbursable amounts?
Live support to help you build your operating plans and strategies?
Editable templates to present information to your primary care network?

Exclusive blogs and resources twice a month?

If yes, we are delighted to share with you our new 12-month  Primary Care Network Members' Club, which costs only £179 per year and can be accessed by four members of your PCN team. 

You can enjoy instant access if you choose to pay by card by clicking "Select Membership" below in the teal box ⬇️.

If you require an invoice to be raised to your Primary Care Network, please click here to complete the necessary form, and your account will be set up following successful payment.

Join the Primary Care Network Members' Club Today!

  • Instant Access to the Members' Club

    Introductory Offer rising to £299.00 when the offer ends at the end of April so be quick!
    Valid for 12 months
    • Price includes up to 4 members of your team
    • 12 Month Subscription
    • Instant access if paying by card
    • The latest breakdown regarding PCN guidance
    • A Comprehensive library of PCN Resources & Templates
    • Access to the ARRS Salary Calculators version 1.0 & 2.0
    • Access to Masterclasses

Primary Care Network Members' Club Registration via Invoice

How confident do you feel within your current role? (1 low - 10 Extremely confident)

Thanks for submitting! As this is a manual process it may take up to 72 hours to get back to you, but in most cases it is a lot quicker than this. Our email, should you wish to reach out, is

The Primary Care Network Members' Club 



1. What is THC Members' Club? 

The Primary Care Network Members' Club is THC's exclusive club. Once a member, we will grant you 12 months or 6 months access (depending on your subscription) to all our exclusive content, features, masterclasses, and other benefits. It’s designed to enhance your experience and provide you with additional value.


2. What are the benefits of becoming a member? 

As a member, you will enjoy various benefits such as access to exclusive blogs and content, access to the PCN ARRS Calculators and our selection of editable PCN templates & masterclasses.


3. How often do you update/add content? 

New content will be published twice per month. 

4. How do I become a member? 

To become a member, simply click on the sign-up button in the membership section of our website. Once you've completed the registration process and payment, you’ll gain access to our exclusive club. If you need to pay via invoice, please complete the form at the bottom of the page, access won't be instant as payment needs to be cleared first before we can add you to the site. 

5. Is there a fee to join the membership? 

Yes, there is a fee. You can choose by 2 tiers of membership. 

  • 6-months membership, for £199 

  • 12-months membership, for £299 

Until the end of April, there is an Introductory Offer of £179.00 for 12 months which includes up to four users within your organisation.

6. Can I pay monthly? 

We only offer the semestral or annual membership option.


7. What payment methods do you accept for the membership? 

You can pay by PayPal, Apple Pay, Bank Card or Bank Transfer via invoice.   

8. Is there a free trial period for the membership? 

We are sure you will enjoy being part of our exclusive members' club. No trial period will be offered in the membership.  However, for a limited time, we do have an introductory offer for the yearly plan at £179.00. This will increase to £299.00 once the offer expires at the end of April 2024.  

9. Can I share my membership with others? 

Yes, one membership includes access for up to four users within your organisation. All we need after signing up are their names, roles, and emails, which can be given on the sign up form. 


10. Do you offer group discounts? 

Whilst we do not offer group discounts, by purchasing one membership, you will obtain up to four user accounts that can be allocated within your organisation.  

11. Can I cancel my membership anytime? 

You may cancel your membership at any time, however if you cancel within your paid yearly plan, it will discontinue access to content and benefits.  



12. Do you offer refunds should I change my mind and wish to cancel my membership? 

We do not offer any refund should you cancel or change your mind about the membership.


13. Will my membership automatically renew? 

No. You will receive an automated notification when your membership is close to its expiry date. If you wish to renew your membership you can submit a new request again.


14. How do I contact customer support if I have any issues with the membership? 

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, we are only an email away: . We will aim to respond within 72-hours or on the next business day.  

15. How do I provide feedback or suggestions for improving the membership experience? 

We will always welcome feedback and suggestions from our members to improve our services and offerings. You can submit feedback or suggestions through our website's contact form or using our email 

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