• Tara Humphrey

When you Suddenly Have to Take Time Off Work

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

We’ve all been there. Either you or your child is unwell, your car breaks down, or there is a family crisis of some kind.

I originally wrote this blog in January 2019, but it needs refreshing as both my husband and I have COVID at the time of writing this.

Despite working from home, you can’t be in two places at once. You can’t be present on a Zoom call, home-schooling and continuously checking on the kids to make sure they are ok when you yourself are feeling like crap!

FYI - My youngest has type 1 diabetes, my middle daughter has the kidney condition Nephrotic Syndrome and my eldest has asthma so it's like waiting for a ticking bomb to go off!

So the sensible thing to do, as hard as it may be when you run your own business or lead a department, is to prioritise what matters most. My family. My health. My most IMPORTANT client tasks.

So here is what I'm actually doing:

  1. Communicating the situation to my team

  2. Delegating as much as I can to my team and trusting them to get on with things.

  3. Cancelling and rescheduling all non-essential meetings and explaining the situation to my clients.

  4. Spending a bit of time on my email to ensure everything is as it should be and filed away and actioned accordingly.

My clients are amazing and I know they will 100% understand although I can't help but feel a little stressed not to be there for them and my team.

From one parent to another, from one CEO to another, from one contractor to another, this is life behind the scenes.

And FYI I do not do 95% of my social media posts. My Marketing Manager Katie does as the show must go on….. right!?! 😊

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