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Check out our resource library to aid those new to the Digital & Transformation Lead Role

Just a short note to say that some of your blogs and videos have been super helpful for me, especially those relating to the Digital Transformation Lead role. A while back, I applied for my current role as

a Digital Champion, which has a lot of parallels with the other role, and your content was really helpful when I was prepping for my interview. 

Calum - Digitial Champion

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The Role of the Digital Transformation Lead episode 216

  • The importance of the Digital Transformation Lead Role and how it can benefit your PCN for the better 

  • What is the difference between the Digital and Transformation Lead & a Primary Care Network Manger? 

  • How are the roles funded? 

  • What is this new role supposed to do? 


The Role of the PCN Digital & Transformation Lead

In this video, I talk you through the role of the Primary Care Network Digital and Transformation Lead role and signpost you to lots of resources to help you work through whether this role is right for your Primary Care Network.

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Creating your Primary Care Network Digital & Transformation Lead Job Description and 90 day objectives


In this blog, we provide you with the following;

  1. A draft job description ( to get you started)

  2. Some objectives to guide the first 90 days in this role

  3. Five resources to support either those who have recently been appointed or are interested in applying for the role of the Digital and Transformation Lead

  4. Seven interview questions to help you with your Digital and Transformation Lead recruitment


Do we need a Digital & Transformation Lead?


For those of you who are considering whether adding a PCN Digital and Transformation Lead could be a valuable move for your Primary Care Network, we have;

  1. Compiled some questions for you to consider

  2. Reviewed the GP webinar, which took place on 3rd November and highlighted the intentions for this role

  3. Presented how the Digital and Transformation Lead role can work alongside a PCN Manager

Can the PCN Manager also be the Digital & Transformation Lead? and what would the JD look like?


Many PCNs would like to see a JD which combines the PCN Manager role with some of the Digital and Transformation Lead responsibilities, as many PCN Managers in the post are already undertaking these responsibilities and are not being recognised at the recommended Digital and Transformation Lead pay grade or protected by the same terms and conditions as other ARRS roles.

Quality Improvement Tools for Primary Care Network Digital & Transformation Leads


In this blog, you will find:


  1. The NHS toolkit for leading large-scale change. This resource introduces you to a host of quality improvement tools which will aid you in your role.

  2. A robust risk assessment template which is available to download, to support you in proactively considering and documenting what could derail your project.

  3. 9 (more) top tips to support you to be successful in your role.

  4. 4 podcasts that provide practical advice on how to manage change using quality improvement.

PCN Digital & Transformation Lead Podcast Playlist


Are you a Digital & Transformation Lead looking to learn from those who have first-hand experience in facilitating change at scale in the field of primary care? 

Whilst we have published over 250 episodes on our Business of Healthcare Podcast, we have created a dedicated playlist of the episodes that specifically provide support, advice and inspiration to help elevate your approach to the projects you are leading.

The playlist features leaders from Accrux, Ardens Manager, Hero Health, Elemental, eConsult, 10to8, Holly Health, Digibete, Lantum and Evergreen Life.

Check out the playlist here.

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