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12 Key Questions every Primary Care Network should consider before purchasing a Digital Solution

On 6th June, we learned from NHS England that the Digital Pathways Framework will no longer be published.

This framework was designed to support ICBs, PCNs and practices to deliver the modern general practice access plan by providing a list of approved tools that would be available to underpin functions including booking, messaging and online consultations.

While it's the end of the road for the framework, practices should still be able secure the higher quality digital solutions they need via their ICBs utilising in-year funding provided as part of the primary care access recovery plan.

For PCNs who are looking for guidance to inform their digital purchasing decisions, in the absence of the digital framework, this blog outlines 12 questions you should be asking when considering the pros and cons of purchasing any digital solution, with patient usability and performance monitoring in mind.

As the digital framework was designed to support the delivery plan for recovering access to primary care, the commitments relating to the plan and a reminder of the Modern General Practice Model are also included in this blog.

Let’s jump in!

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