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The Future of PCNs: Here to stay, but let's focus on the present.

At THC Primary Care, we create resources to support primary leaders and we are continually asked for our thoughts about what the future holds for Primary Care Networks (PCNs).


From my perspective, and after reviewing the policy and national commentary, I don't think they're going anywhere and, rather than hypothesising about the future, I am very firmly focused on the financial year ahead, as practices and PCNs have a lot to do.


So, where should we channel our energies right now? ⬇️

🎯 Core contractual requirements

🎯 Leadership and management

🎯 Data 🎯 Relationship building

🎯 Creating a financial model which is good for patients, the practices and the PCN

🎯Integrated Neighbourhood Working

Let's jump in!

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