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The latest Primary Care Network Guidance Documents | The October 2022 Edition

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Over the past few weeks, several documents and links have been updated relating to the primary care network;


• Ready Reckoner

• System Development Funding

• Impact and investment fund

• Workforce planning

Whether you are new to the PCN or not, there is a lot to take in!

To support you in having these documents and links close to hand, we at THC Primary Care have compiled these into one central resource and linked these to our summaries.

Managers and Clinical Directors, if you are coming across these changes for the first time.

1. Block 2 hours in your diary to go through the documents.
2. Either save the documents on your desktop or pin them as favourites in your internet search engine as you will need these again.
3. Have a pen and paper close by to write down what these changes mean for your network and to decipher; what needs your urgent attention, what’s important to address in the next 90 days, and what can. wait?
4. This isn’t a solo activity, and ideally, you will need input to discuss your next steps with your leadership and management team once you have read the guidance and formed your own initial views.


A lot of this information is provided in other blogs, but we were asked to compile it into one resource.

Let's jump in!

1. The updated PCN Ready Reckoner

The updated PCN Ready Reckoner reflects the recent changes and updates to the PCN income, maximum reimbursable ARRS rates effective from 1 October – and also includes estimated PCN ARRS entitlement sums for 2023/24 to support PCNs with future ARRS workforce planning.

2. Changes to the PCN DES 2022/23 and winter guidance

On the 26th of September, NHS England released a letter and guidance document titled Supporting general practice, primary care networks and their teams through winter and beyond.

In this letter, Dr Amanda Doyle, National Director, Primary Care and Community Services, sets out the actions NHS England has taken to boost capacity ahead of winter, detailing plans for:

  • Additional resources and funding

  • Suspension of non-essential work for Primary Care Networks

  • Amendments to the Impact and Investment Fund

Our initial summary of this guidance can be found here.

3. The updated PCN DES 2022/23

The latest PCN DES can be found here. The document was updated on 30th September 2022

4. The System Development Funding

The Primary care system development funding (SDF) and GPIT funding guidance provides an analysis of programmes and funding in 2022/23.

Our initial summary can be found here.

5. Workforce Planning Portal

As part of the 2021/22 Network contract DES section 7, PCNs must complete a workforce planning return to signal their planning intentions for 2022/23 by 31 August 2022 with a further update for 2022/23 and indicative intentions through to 2023/24 by 31 October 2022 for roles included in the additional roles reimbursement scheme (ARRS)

The workforce planning portal can be found here:

What to focus on this winter

Lastly, this blog is for anyone involved in the running of a primary care network and aims to be a helpful resource to help organise your network's activity as we head into autumn/winter.

More FREE stuff!

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About the Author

I'm Tara; I am the founder of THC Primary Care, an award-winning healthcare consultancy specialising in Primary Care Network Management and the host of the Business of Healthcare Podcast, where we have now published over 200 episodes. I have over 20 years of project management and business development experience across the private and public sectors, and I have supported over 50 PCNs by providing interim management, training and consultancy.

I have managed teams across multiple sites and countries; I have an MBA in Leadership and Management in Healthcare, I'm published in the London Journal of Primary Care, and I am the author of over 250 blogs.

I have 3 children. My eldest has Asthma, my middle child has a kidney condition called Nephrotic Syndrome, and my youngest daughter has Type 1 Diabetes, so outside of work, healthcare plays a huge role in my life.


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