I work closely with dedicated healthcare leaders to drive and direct the enhancement of their team performance with the Strengths Deployment Inventory

What is the Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)?

  • The SDI is an assessment that focuses on the 'HOW' and the 'WHY' in our behaviours. The assessment uses Relationship Intelligence (RQ) to provide a uniform understanding of the importance of how we relate to others. ​

  • The SDI has a focus on how we can influence others through our motives. 

  • The assessment will provide an insight into how you can best approach to engage with your colleagues and peers whose approach may differ from yours. 

What we loved about the session 


The session was great, so helpful and your facilitation was excellent. You were supportive and challenging at the same time. We all went away with a lot to think about, we are taking many of the suggestions forward – I would love all our board members to do this 

Kat Dalby-Welsh


Clinical Director Yeovil Primary Care Network

Why collaboration is essential?

 Collaboration encompasses a deeper level of engagement and commitment than 'conventional' teamwork. Effective Collaboration can improve relationships within your team and allow you to guide your team more instead of controlling every situation in your team. 

It is difficult to make meaningful progress when you lack rapport with your team. This is where the SDI can help you develop a greater understanding of:


  • What motivates you and others?

  • What strengths of your team are being overused? 

  • What are your strengths as the leader and how can you best utilise them?

  • How you can reduce disputes in your team and help your team to work towards the same shared values?

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Why you need the Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)?

  • You are striving for success in your business in today's fast-paced environment, but your team's performance is derailing some of your progress. 

  • You have new people joining your team, and you want to know their strengths and deploy them meticulously for greater effectiveness.

  • You want to harmonise the balance of strengths in your team.

  • You reflect on your leadership and you want to integrate the learnings from the SDI into actions to lead more meaningfully. 

How has the SDI impacted my team?


I think it has brought the team closer together and communication feels easier and more honest.

It has taught me to slow down and really reflect on my actions and behaviours. I can manage my emotions better and see the point of view of the other person more.

What will THC do?
I will deliver you with the results of your SDI personalised assessment. 
I will provide you with support for you or your team that focuses on applying the results from the SDI assessment for a more productive and rewarding work environment.

How has the SDI impacted teams that I have worked with?

Doing this has made me care about how we communicate as a team

Joanna Ashby

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of Mpod Inc

How would you describe your SDI session experience?











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With the experience and expertise of leading 11 Training Hubs, supporting 13 Primary Care Networks and 3 GP Federations, I understand and appreciate the complexity of healthcare and what it takes to deliver projects at scale.

My strength is taking the theory and applying this to real-life practice.

Tara is a trained Quality Improvement Advisor working with NHS England’s Time for Care Faculty and Improvement Team and is a Certified Core Strengths Facilitator.


Sessions are insightful, fun, interactive and will make a difference if you do the work outside of the sessions.