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7 platforms every Primary Care Network Manager should be subscribed to

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

There is so much to read, and with a 24-hour news cycle, the pace of information can be overwhelming.

However, we do need to keep up with what's important and subscribe to channels that can help us remain in the know.

In last week’s THC Primary Care newsletter, we shared three conferences I’m attending. Click here if you missed this.

Attending conferences is a great way to keep connected to the broader system and our peers. To sit alongside attending conferences, this blog will walk new Primary Care Network Managers through 7 key platforms they should subscribe to:

  • The NHS Confederation

  • NHS Networks

  • The NHS Primary Care Bulletin

  • Clinical Commissioning Bulletins

  • The Primary Care Network Discussion Group on Facebook

  • NHS Futures

  • The THC Primary Care newsletter

Let's jump in!

1. The NHS Confederation

I am a member of the NHS Confederation for a broader view of health care. I subscribe to the weekly newsletters from the various networks inside the Confederation, which cover mental health, primary care network women's leadership, integrated care, community care etc......….

Matthew Taylor, the NHS Confederation’s CEO, also creates his ‘Week in 10’ and highlights some of the big topics from across the week.

They provide fantastic summaries and share insights and best practices from their members.

2. NHS Networks

This is a free platform and forum with over 150,000 members.

Here is where you find blogs, training, summaries of policies and white papers, Q and A’S, book recommendations and insights from the front line.

3. The NHS Primary Care Bulletin

The NHS has weekly bulletins based on your area of interest. I am subscribed to the Primary Care Bulletin, which again delivers to my inbox, guidance related to Primary Care Networks.

4. Clinical Commissioning Bulletins

To stay connected to local developments, CCG bulletins are great.

Ask your CCG Primary Care Manager if they have a newsletter.

5. The Primary Care Network Discussion Group on Facebook

I recently found The Primary Care Network Discussion Group on Facebook. This is a fantastic community of peers supporting each other and sharing resources.

6. NHS Futures

On NHS Futures, you will find copies of NHS webinars, and advice, guidance and insights.

You will also find dedicated workspaces and of particular interest at the moment, is extended access. The workspace can be found here

7. THC Primary Care

If you are a new PCN Manager, our mission is to provide you with easy-to-apply insights.

We love a checklist and a template, and we take a facilitative and relationship approach to management, and this is what we share.

When I do not know the answer, I simply will ask my networks, what do you think? And we work it out together.

Our weekly newsletter compiles blogs and soon to be relaunched Business of Healthcare podcast episodes. We also give you an honest account of what's on our minds and the challenges we are facing.

Sign up for our weekly newsletter here.

WhatsApp Groups

When it comes to WhatsApp, I used to want to be part of them all, but I get the most value from the PCN Confederation Manager's WhatsApp.

The considerable value of WhatsApp is the response times if you need advice, support or clarification. Boom. Seconds later, you have it.

Let's get practical

So how do you make time to read all the newsletters and log in to the platforms?

Throughout the week, I dip in and out of them when I get a spare 10 minutes here and there. And whilst I do not advocate working at the weekends, I often spend an hour catching up on the week's events if I do not get round to it during the week.

When long policy and guidance documents get released, I will always print these off. Get my highlighter pen out, and I will remove it away from my laptop to reduce distractions.

If there are newsletters that no longer resonate or interest me. I will unsubscribe. I can always go back if required.

I also pin all platforms to my browser bar, so they are easily accessible.

When it comes to WhatsApp and Facebook. It can be daunting to ask questions but get stuck in and start connecting. There are no stupid questions.

If you do post a question and you don’t get a reply this will be because people do not know the answer, making it a very good question indeed so don’t worry, do the best with what you know and the answer will come in time.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, the key is quality and not quantity when it comes to the communication channels you subscribe to. You do not need to subscribe to everything and you do not have the time to read every white paper that comes out. This is OK.

The benefit of subscribing to the newsletters is that the hot topics will be delivered to your inbox and summarised for you giving a variety of perspectives to help inform your next steps.

So….. as a result of this week's blog, what are you going to...

  • Subscribe to?

  • Unsubscribe to?

  • Pay closer attention to?

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