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Questions to aid your Primary Care Network (PCN) staff reviews and 1-2-1's

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Many PCN Managers have line management responsibilities. If you are relatively new to line management, this short framework of questions will aid you in leading valuable staff reviews or 1-2-1s.

In all of my recent PCN staff 1-2-1’s I asked the same questions to everyone:

1. What is working well?

I want to set a positive tone for the meeting. Even when I know it could be a potentially challenging review, there is always at least one good thing that someone can share. Although, I appreciate they may need encouragement to get it out of them!

2. How are you progressing on the objectives we set last time?

This question lets your team member know these objectives are important. It’s ok if things slip but you want to keep the objective/s alive and meaningful. If the objective/s continue to be unmet, you may find these are now redundant and need renewing OR this could indicate the start of a performance issue.

3. What development needs do you have?

This may be a natural follow on from the previous question. I like to include it. Learning is a tremendous success factor in PCN roles, and I believe people should be encouraged to proactively reflect on what development they need.

4. Are you happy with the level of clinical supervision, and what does this look like?

Clinical supervision can vary immensely; all PCNs and practices will do things slightly differently. As the PCN Manager, Head of Department or Clinical Lead, it’s essential that staff are supported to operate safely within their scope of practice. You need to be aware of what supervision takes place in the network and how your team perceive this.

5. What support would you like from me as your line manager?

I always try to seek clarity. I like to ask specific and direct questions to find this out. We need to know what people need and whether, in fact, we can feasibly facilitate this. Sometimes, I may use a coaching technique (find further question prompts here) to help the team member take responsibility for things they should drive. But for the most part, as line managers, our role is to provide support.

Share Positive Feedback

Following our discussion, I provide my feedback. Positive affirmation is important. People want to feel; heard, valued, recognised and respected. Your PCN staff review or 1-2-1s is your opportunity to give your team this.

  • Thank your team and show that you care (but this, of course, needs to be genuine). A thank you means a lot.

  • Share positive feedback. Be specific so that they know the positive impact of their contribution.

Document Staff PCN Reviews/1-2-1s

Reviews or 1-2-1’s are important touchpoints. The documentation serves as an important reminder of progress (what is/is not on track), a record of personal development and any performance issues. Share the document with each team member so they have clarity and are aware of where things stand.

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