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Primary Care Network Governance: Back to Basics.

As a Primary Care Network leader, do you ever find yourself wondering the following:

❓ Are we following the network's voting agreement when making decisions?

❓ Are decisions made without consulting other network members?

❓ Is there a lack of accountability within the network?

❓ Is there favouritism in allocating resources or assigning roles/responsibilities?

❓ Do we know how the network is performing?

Any one of these listed actions can undermine trust among colleagues and create an environment where personal or practical interests supersede the vision for the network.

Additionally, a failure to communicate effectively at different levels across the network can result in a misalignment between strategic objectives and day-to-day operations, causing confusion and inefficiency. This can erode professionalism, impede progress towards shared goals and weaken collaboration.

In this blog, we discuss the topic of governance and how to get things back on track if you are experiencing some of the issues above.

At THC Primary Care, our articles are written for and aimed at supporting Primary Care Network leaders. We have an extensive library of over 200 blogs for you to browse, spanning a wide variety of relevant themes and topics.

But for now, let's talk governance.

Let's jump in!

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