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The PCN DES 24/25 for Primary Care Network Leaders | What to focus on in Q1

Updated: 7 days ago

On the 28th March 2024, the Network Contract DES: Contract specification 2024/25 – PCN requirements and entitlements was released.

In this blog, we provide our initial analysis of the 24/25 PCN DES and provide:

  • Section 1: The documents you will need close to hand and other useful resources to support you in digesting the DES

  • Section 2: An overview of the 24/25 PCN finances

  • Section 3: An overview of the capacity access requirements

  • Section 4: The revised clinical service requirements

  • Section 5: Changes to the investment and impact fund

  • Section 6: Suggested ideas on what to focus on in Q1 in relation to ➡️ Financial and workforce planning ➡️ Clinical and non-clinical services and projects ➡️ Governance, structure and communication ➡️ Data and digital ➡️ Working with community partners

We also invite our peers and colleagues who are part of our members club to join us on 24th April from 12pm—1:30pm for our live masterclass, which will walk you through how to build a PCN strategic plan with an editable template and within this blog, we provide you with an editable infographic for you to tailor and highlight the specific changes you would like your network to be aware of.

Remove all distractions, grab your notebook and pen and let's jump in!

The 2024 / 25 Primary Care Network DES

This blog follows our initial assessment of the  Arrangement for the General Contract in 2024/25  that was published 28th February 2024.

The 24 / 25 GP Contract

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