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The 24/25 GP Contract - What this means for Primary Care Networks moving forward

In this blog, we provide our initial take on:

  1. A summary of the contract covering changes to the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme, deliverables, and funding streams. 

  2. 9 potential next steps to help you move forward

  3. An editable outline of a strategic plan that you can build on. 

  4. The advantages and disadvantages of the increased flexibility in the GP Contract 24/25. 

On 28th February 2024, the Arrangement for the General Contract in 2024/25 was published. 

The upcoming revised contract is designed to: 


  1. Cut bureaucracy for practices. 

  2. Help practices with cash flow and increase financial flexibility. 

  3. Give Primary Care Networks (PCNs) more staffing flexibility. 

  4. Support practices and PCNs to improve outcomes. 

  5. Improve patient access. 

Grab your notebook, and let us jump in!  

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