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The Role of the GP / Primary Care Network Paramedic Practitioner

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

At THC Primary Care, we provide resources for Primary Care Network leaders.

In 2022, we started a webinar series titled the role of the PCN ....... where were interviewed members of staff as part of the additional roles reimbursement scheme to better understand their roles and scope of practice.

Most of these recordings are now only available to those signed up for our PCN Management Induction Programme, but we also share some on our Youtube channel. Here you will find webinars on.

In this week's blog, we wanted to highlight the role of the Paramedic Practitioner for those of you wanting to better understand all that this role can bring you. Peter Stafford answers the following questions below and so much more and is a fantastic advocate for this role.

In our interview, Peter shares:

  • What does a Paramedic Practitioner do?

  • What training opportunities are available to paramedics beyond their initial training?

  • What should be included in your induction?

  • What support is needed to make this role a success?

  • What does your appointment book look like?

  • Things to consider when trying to attract paramedic practitioners to your network?

If you prefer to watch the interview or listen to the audio only, we have got you covered.

Let's jump in!

To watch the interview, please click below.

Alternatively, should you wish to listen to this on your podcast streaming service, we have turned this conversation into a bonus podcast episode, number 249 for you to download and listen to right away. Please click the graphic below.

To summarise;

A paramedic practitioner falls under the Health Education England bracket of First Contact practitioners.

With training and support, a paramedic practitioner can:

✅ Assess, diagnose, plan, implement and evaluate treatment/interventions and care for patients presenting with an undifferentiated diagnosis and patients with complex needs.

✅ Assess and triage patients, including same-day triage, and as appropriate, provide definitive treatment or make necessary referrals to other members of the PCN team.

✅ Advise patients on general healthcare and promote self-management where appropriate, including signposting patients to other community or voluntary services.

✅ Perform specialist health checks and reviews.

✅ Perform and interpret ECGs; alongside other results as appropriate.

✅ Perform investigatory procedures as required.

✅ Undertake the collection of pathological specimens, including intravenous blood samples, swabs, etc.

✅ Perform investigatory procedures needed by patients and those requested by GPs and the wider PCN.

✅ Perform care home ward rounds.

✅ Support the delivery of anticipatory care plans and lead certain community services

✅ Provide an alternative model to urgent and same-day home visits for the PCN and undertake clinical audits.

✅ Clinically examine and assess patient needs from a physiological and psychological perspective and plan clinical care accordingly.

✅ Prioritise health problems and intervene appropriately to assist the patient in complex, urgent or emergency situations, including initiation of effective emergency care.

✅ Diagnose and manage acute and chronic conditions, integrating drug- and non-drug-based treatment methods into a management plan.

✅ Support patients to adopt health promotion strategies that promote healthy lifestyles and apply principles of self-care.

Depending on the experience of the paramedic, some areas will fall outside the scope of their practice.

In this example, Peter Stafford does not see:

💢 Gynaecology.

💢 Pregnancy.

💢 Complex mental health.

💢 Children under 2.

Please visit Health Education England for more information on the role.

We hope this is helpful.

We also provide a rundown of the other Primary Care Network additional roles here.


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