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What you need to know to prepare for your Primary Care Network Manager job interview (2024/25)

Updated: May 1

For those of you who are thinking about applying for the PCN Manager role, to help you better understand the role you will be stepping into and to stand out, here are 10 not-so-obvious questions to ask in your PCN Manager job interview.

We also provide some advice for those of you who have been asked to prepare a presentation.

These questions are also helpful and can be used by the hiring panel and PCN Clinical Directors to help you prepare and describe what’s going on in the network and the short and long-term needs for the role.

Let's jump in!

Questions to ask in your PCN Manager interview

  1. What is the vision for your PCN?

  2. How would you describe the relationships between your practices?

  3. What is the network currently working on?

  4. What is the one thing you keep saying you need to do but haven’t managed to do yet?

  5. How are decisions made in your network?

  6. What roles have been recruited to the network, and how are they getting on?

  7. Do you have an up-to-date business plan?

  8. If I were to be appointed, what would my priorities be for the next 90 days?

  9. Which relationships would you recommend need building first?

  10. I know there is a job description, but what is it that you’re really looking for?

In preparation for the interview, I would also suggest you check out the latest DES document found here.

How to prepare for my PCN Manager Interview?

This 15-minute podcast talks you through some of the key skills of the network manager.

Watch the YouTube video below. 👇🏾

In this (very informal) video, I share what my team and I get up to as network managers in a typical week.

What to include in your presentation

If you are asked to prepare a presentation, I would show your understanding of the following (if appropriate).

  1. The contractual requirements of the DES and Impact and Investment Fund Indicators. Check out our blog, what to Focus on in Q1.

  2. The skills required to manage and lead multiple people across multiple organisations. This resource may help: The 6 Skill Sets Every PCN Manager Needs

  3. The challenges that practices are facing. This resource may help. A PCN Managers Perspective on The Future of General Practice - House of Commons Committee Report

You don't need to include this all. We just want to see evidence of some research and your current understanding.

When you get the role

If, or I should say, once you are appointed, congratulations, please let me know.


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About the Author

Tara and Team THC provide project and network management and training to Primary Care Networks. Between our training programmes, facilitation and interim network programmes, we have now supported over 120 PCNs! Tara has an MBA in Healthcare Leadership and Management, is published in the London Journal of Primary Care, has written over 250 blogs, and hosts The Business of Healthcare Podcast.

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