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How the 24/25 primary care network DES requirements could help struggling networks

Updated: May 1

On the 28th March 2024, the Network Contract DES: Contract specification 2024/25 – PCN requirements and entitlements was released.

These documents can be found here.

This blog is for you if collaborative working is challenging in your network, and I explain how the new 24/25 PCN requirements could provide a helpful framework to assist your PCN in moving forward.

I also share the importance of creating your financial plan early now we have clarity on the national income due to networks.

Let's jump in!

The 24/25 DES specifies that a PCN must deliver the following four key functions. Two of those functions relate to how the PCN organises and operates effectively to support the following clinical services.

  1. Improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities

  2. Medicines Optimisation and structured medication reviews for high-risk cohorts

  3. Enhanced Health in Care Homes

  4. Early Cancer Diagnosis  

  5. Social Prescribing Service

  6. Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention and Diagnosis  

  7. Proactive and personalised care

powerpoint slide
PCN Service Requires

This simple framework could be ideal for networks that are still struggling to work together and looking for clear priorities to focus on. ⬇️

Further Support

Some of DES highlights can be found below.

PCN DES at glance

To access the latest PCN guidance documents and our in depth analysis of the 24/25 DES and what to focus on in Q1, click here.

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