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The Latest Primary Care Network Guidance Documents Updated in March 2024

Updated: May 1

We have compiled the latest primary care network documents and links into one central resource and linked them to some of our summaries to help you have them close to hand.

In this resource, you will find the latest guidance regarding:

1️⃣ Updates to the GP Contract

2️⃣ The PCN DES 24/25

3️⃣ PCN Ready Reckoner 24/25

4️⃣ The GP Contract 23/24 - Increasing Access

5️⃣ The Fuller Report

6️⃣ Delivery Plan for recovering access

7️⃣ The NHS Workforce Plan

There are a lot of links in this document as we wanted to provide a comprehensive resource, and hopefully, this serves as a resource you can visit over and over again.

Here is a birds-eye view of some recent guidance, some of which is most pertinent to primary care networks.

Whilst you do not necessarily need to read every document in detail, the messages are consistent when it comes to:

➡️ Enhancing our workforce

➡️ Improving access for patients

➡️ Integrated working

The guidance isn't always prescriptive, and it's up to us to work within the system's constraints.

Let's jump into guidance!


1. GP Contract 24/25

The proposed changes for the GP contract 24/25 can be found here.

The upcoming revised contract is designed to: 


  1. Cut bureaucracy for practices. 

  2. Help practices with cash flow and increase financial flexibility. 

  3. Give Primary Care Networks (PCNs) more staffing flexibility. 

  4. Support practices and PCNs to improve outcomes. 

  5. Improve patient access. 

Our initial review of this letter and what this could mean from primary care networks can be found here.

2. The PCN DES Document 2024/25

The 2024 - 2025 PCN DES can be found here. The document was released on 28th March 2024.

The suite of PCN DES documents can be found here:

An overview of some of the changes can be found below.

Colleagues and peers part of the Primary Care Network Members Club can download this editable template and rebrand it for their PCN.

Members can also view our guide on what to focus on in Q1 below.

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3. The PCN Ready Reckoner

The 24/25 PCN Ready Reckoner, published on 28th March can be found here. This document will help you calcuate the income your network should expect in relation to the DES.

You may also find the following blog helpful.

4. The GP Contract 23/24 - Increasing Access

On the 6th of March 2023, NHSE published a letter which shared:

  1. Practices will be required to procure their telephony solutions only from the Better Purchasing Framework once their current telephony contracts expire.

  2. To ensure consistency in the access that patients can expect, the GP contract will be updated to make clear, that patients should be offered an assessment of need or signposted to an appropriate service at the first contact with the practice.

5. The Fuller Report

In May 2022, The Next steps for integrating primary care: Fuller stocktake report was published. The document can be located here

This is an important document, as it sets the direction for future policy and a vision for integrated Primary Care. The document has been signed by the 42 Chief Executive designates of the Integrated Care Systems, demonstrating their commitment to enabling change.

The development of Integrated Neighbourhood Teams (INT) was a clear theme within the document now INT's are seen as a firm fixture in policy documents moving forward.

But what is a Integrated Neighbourhood Team and where do we start for those of us yet to have this in place?

Check out this blog which provides a break down of the four levels of integrated working and facilitative questions to help you to move forward.

6. Delivery plan for recovering access to Primary Care

This is a national document which aims to improve access to general practice, by incentivising practices to ensure they have cloud base telephony, increasing appointments using the PCN multi-professional team and signposting to other services alongside NHSE, reducing bureaucracy.

This document was released on 9th May 2023 and can be found here.

7. The NHS Long-Term Workforce Plan

The NHS Long Term Workforce Plan was issued by NHS England on Friday, 30th June 2023.

The plan is not supposed to be the total solution which will fully meet all of the workforce needs in the NHS. It is, however, the first step in a process of frequent planning that will change and grow as service needs develop.

The plan is the first time the government has asked the NHS to come up with a comprehensive workforce plan.

Its strapline, or three core elements, is to Train, Retain and Reform.

Our summary can be found here. 

We hope this helps.

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