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Our guide to the best 2023 events for Primary Care Network Leaders

Updated: May 9, 2023

Knowing where and when to prioritise your time in terms of attending conferences, identifying the best opportunities to network, and investing in your own development can be tricky when there are so many event forums to choose from.

It can also be difficult with continuing funding pressures, when demand is at an all-time high, and you simply feel unable to take the time out from the day job.

So, it’s for all of the reasons above that we thought it would be helpful to outline our guide to the key primary care events taking place across the year.

In this blog, you will find a high-level overview of where and when the best events are taking place, which we will aim to revisit and refresh as and when new events pop up.

Let's jump in!

How do I choose which event to attend?

In our experience, this is what people most want to get from their event experience:

Opportunities to connect with their peers

Specific industry insights on a certain topic, delivered by established leaders

Formal training and professional development

An ability to sell their services

Head space to strategise and think

Other key factors at play include:

Date, time, location, and cost

When new NHS guidance has been or is due to be released

Whatever it is that you are looking for in an event, at least one of the following is sure to meet your needs.

19 April 2023


This is the next in a series of webinars provided by East London NHS Foundation Trust focusing on the future of Primary Care, in all of its various guises. The session on 19 April, which will run for an hour at 7.00pm, will feature Geraldine Hoban, Managing Director and Head of Transformation at Foundry Healthcare PCN and Dr Mohit Venkataram, Executive Director for Primary Care at East London NHS Foundation Trust. Together, they will discuss and explore the Foundry Healthcare PCN model, and the resulting transformative impact on primary care capacity, following implementation of the Tempo e-rostering tool.

17 – 18 May 2023

NEC Birmingham

Described by organisers as the UK’s leading event for GPs, trainee GPs, managers, podiatrists, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, dietitians (and other NHS and private clinicians working in primary and community care), this event is truly unique in its multidisciplinary approach and the agenda is equally wide-ranging:

  • To provide insight into clinical and non-clinical best practice

  • To offer opportunities to update clinical skills with new tools, therapies, technologies, innovations, ideas and targeted, hands-on training

  • To provide awareness of policy direction at a national level and the most up to date clinical guidance

  • To network and establish links with over 6,000 primary care, public health and community care clinicians, and managers, from across the NHS and private sector

With a focus on showcasing innovation and best practice across Primary and Community Care, there is plenty to get your teeth into here.

18 – 19 May 2023

Horwood House, Milton Keynes

Aimed at industry leaders from across the healthcare sector, the inaugural PCPN event has been shaped by the key topics and specific needs conveyed by the target audience. These include:

  • What successful primary care transformation looks like

  • Tips for building truly integrated health systems

  • How to deploy tech and digital transformation for efficient, effective, patient-centric primary care

  • Solutions to workforce and workload challenges

  • How to tackle health inequalities, including proper community engagement and AI for population health management

  • Building back better post-COVID, including solutions to manage funding, capacity and demand

  • New approaches to premises and estates

And you should definitely consider attending for no other reason than I, along with James Kingsland and Claire Fuller, will be speaking…!

14 – 15 June 2023

Manchester Central

This is a prominent, joint NHS Confederation / NHS England led conference which offers a single point of focus for health and care leaders and teams to come together at a time of transformation and recovery.

The event will attract around 5,000 people across two days, the majority of whom are leaders and managers with real ability to lead and drive change in health and social care and aims to inspire change at all levels. The programme is complemented by an exhibition that showcases the best on offer to the sector.

As you’d expect, it’s full on and fast paced and there is a packed schedule of high profile and influential plenary speakers, theatre sessions, features zones and a great opportunity to network and meet up with friends.

Top tip.... Wear comfortable shoes as it will be a long couple of days.

11 – 12 October 2023

NEC Birmingham

The Best Practice Show is a renowned and award-winning event, which promises delivery of stimulating sessions by healthcare leaders, policymakers, service users and frontline primary care professionals. Crucially, it’s General Practice specific.

The clue is really in the name here, and it’s all about best practice across a range of clinical specialities as well as related, key healthcare topics such as:

  • Digital and technology

  • Policy direction and implementation

  • Tackling workforce issues and issues of demand

  • Development of effective leadership and management

This is complemented by the involvement of a mix of commercial organisations who are all keen exhibitors.

Various, regional dates April – November 2023

These are described as being must-attend forums for PCN Clinical Directors and Managers. They provide an opportunity for discussion and education about the major challenges affecting PCNs, and the individual role of the Clinical Director.

The agenda (to date and as per the Pulse PCN website):

  • How integrated care systems (ICSs) adapt and change

  • Primary Care & PCN capacity building

  • Early cancer detection

  • Care homes enhanced service management

  • Population health management

  • Recruiting new workforce through the ARRS

  • Personalised and anticipatory care

  • Role of the PCN manager

Pulse PCN Events are the perfect opportunity to:

  • Connect with other clinical directors

  • Take part in a peer, not policy, led agenda focusing on practical, real world challenge

  • Explore key obstacles to service development and quality improvement

  • Engage with a select number of industry partners to discuss partnership working

So, if you’re looking for something which is more PCN-specific, this is definitely the one for you.

And if none of these whets your appetite….. Check out our latest courses.

Whilst we share a lot of information in our blogs, there is so much more, and for those of you who are looking to invest in your professional development and the performance of your network, our programmes are full of tools, templates and master classes.

Click here for further information on our upcoming courses.

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